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Our dry erase calendars and whiteboards provide you and your team with the perfect tools to stay organized and strategically aligned.

Teams Sharing a GIANT Wall Planner

How do I keep my WHOLE TEAM organized?

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Oversize Wall Planners

Our blank, annual, dry erase wall calendar is the perfect tool for keeping your entire team on track. It allows you to easily add tradeshows, sales calls, sales meetings, travel plans, or even vacations.

Have a product launch? Schedule the entire launch strategy on the wall calendar so your entire team can see the game plan. Check it out today!


At Oversize Planner we are passionate about keeping teams organized, whether it is at the office or at the home.  Our full line of dry erase wall calendars come in a wide variety of sizes and date ranges tp fit your organizational needs.

In addition, our complete line of dry-erase whiteboards and planning boards are perfect for team meetings, presentations, and planning sessions.  Let your ideas and team creativity flow!   Easily jot down ideas . . . change them . . . re-arrange them!   Our dry-erase planning boards give your team the flexibility it needs!

Why Use an Oversize Planner?

Many organizations have discovered how great it is to have a large, dry-erase calendar on hand at their home or office.  It makes keeping teams on schedule a breeze, allows team members to see at-a-glance what the schedule looks like months ahead of time.

The problem is, most of these large dry erase wall calendars are rigid.   They are basically dry erase whiteboards with a calendar printed on them.

At Oversize Planner, we wanted to find a way to capture the benefits of a giant calendar, without the giant hassle it can be to move it around (or even have it shipped to you at all).

That’s how we came up with out flagship Blank Annual Dry Erase Calendar product.

First, the wall calendar is huge.  It is 36″ high by 96″ wide enabling us to print the entire year onto one giant wall calendar.  The material is a dual layer product: we print the complete year calendar onto a 10 mil polyethylene material and then overlay a durable dry erase laminate.

The finished product is a large dry erase calendar (an Oversize Planner if you will!) that not only functions just like a dry erase whiteboard, but is also ROLLABLE.  A) This makes it more cost-effective and easier t ship to you and B) enables you to easily move the calendar around the office if needed.   You can even roll up your dry erase calendar and take it with you to visit a client!

From this flagship wall calendar product we have branched out to a number of variations that clients have requested from us: monthly dry erase calendars, 6-month planners, quarterly calendars and more.   Just click on “shop” to check out all our planning products.

We have also begun to produce traditional whiteboards as well!  Some clients really prefer the durability of a whiteboard.  In some ways, a whiteboard is easier because you don’t need a “wall” to put your wall calendar on.  Many of our whiteboard planners are on wheels which make it easy to move around the office.