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7 Ways a Whiteboard Calendar Can Impact Your Office Productivity

Are you struggling to find ways to improve your office productivity?

If so, you’re not alone. The average office worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes in an eight-hour workday, according to a recent study.

This means most of us spend up to five hours each day surfing the web, chatting by the coffeemaker, or otherwise being unproductive.

How can you improve your productivity and make your office run more efficiently? Many companies have had success using a large whiteboard calendar to better organize tasks.

Is an oversized calendar the answer for you? Read on for seven important ways a whiteboard calendar can transform your office productivity.

1. Organize Your Tasks

Whiteboards are the perfect place to record your tasks and goals.

Rather than distracting sticky notes or email reminders, whiteboards list everything you need in one easy place.

You might consider:

  • A small whiteboard on your desk to track daily tasks.
  • A medium-sized whiteboard above your desk to track weekly or monthly goals.
  • A large whiteboard in the boardroom or common area to track yearly projects and goals.

Whiteboards are especially helpful if you’re easily distracted or have difficulty focusing. If you find yourself focusing on something other than the task at hand, one glance at your whiteboard will get you back on track.

2. Structure Your Workday

Do you find yourself bouncing between tasks and projects without finishing anything? A whiteboard calendar can help you better structure your workdays.

For example, you might set up a schedule to switch between short-term and long-term projects. You could do this one day a week, every other day, or halfway through each day.

It doesn’t matter how you organize your time. The point is that you find a system that works for you and stick with it. Having to¬†outsource check printing and mailing can make your workday schedule productive as it saves you more time.

An oversized whiteboard calendar can also organize tasks for your entire team. Use it to create better deadline awareness and keep your team members informed of overall progress.

3. Keep Everyone Motivated

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated at work, especially while working on long-term projects. This is where a whiteboard comes in handy.

Track your individual and team progress so everyone can see what’s being accomplished. Encourage team members to add to the board, perhaps with positive things that happened to them that day.

You could even add some inspirational quotes or images to help everybody through the work week. You could also a sidebar for polls, contests, or other fun activities.

4. Team Collaboration

Do you manage a large team? Do different teams work on separate elements of the same project?

If so, a whiteboard calendar is the perfect way to collaborate everyone’s efforts. As each element of a specific product is designed independently, you need to piece them together near the end of the project’s deadline.

Whiteboards are an excellent way for different teams to collaborate and visualize how the project is coming together. You’ll have plenty of room to record everyone’s thoughts and figure out how to best the complete the project.

5. Spark Creativity

Studies suggest that writing things by hand helps us remember more and better understand what we’re learning. We maintain our focus because of the way the brain interprets hand gestures when we’re writing.

Since many projects require out-of-the-box solutions, writing ideas by hand can help stimulate ideas. Using a whiteboard can have a direct effect on our level of creativity.

If you or your team is struggling, take some time away from the computer screen. Meet in front of the whiteboard and hash out some fresh ideas by hand. It may just be the best thing you need to overcome that creative block.

6. Take Photos

Whiteboards are great because they’re easily erasable and can evolve over time.

With so much information in the air, though, you want to make sure your team members aren’t spending the majority of the meeting taking notes.

One way to solve this problem is to snap a photo of the whiteboard after each meeting. You can then email or upload it to each team member so they can reference it while they work.

This is especially helpful if you have remote team members who aren’t present for team meetings.

7. Use Color Coding

The world isn’t black and white, so your calendar shouldn’t be, either.

When you buy your whiteboard calendar, invest in a set of colorful dry erase markers. This allows you to use color coding to highlight departmental responsibilities and deadlines.

You might use one color for the project’s financing tasks, another for logistics, and another for creative and design aspects. This will help each team member understand their role with a quick glance.

What to Look for in a Whiteboard Calendar

Now that you know how a whiteboard can improve your office productivity, what should you look for when shopping for one?

1. Sufficient Size

Small whiteboards are fine for personal use, but your team needs a large one to fit all necessary information.

The best wall calendars feature sizes up to 72″ tall or 96″ wide. This will give you plenty of room to work with as your projects progress through the year.

2. Dry Erase Lamination

Chalkboards went out of fashion decades ago.

Your office whiteboard calendar should use dry erase lamination so you can write, erase, and edit as much as you need to.

3. Durability

Your whiteboard is an investment, so you should choose one that will last for years to come.

The best whiteboards are made of thick polycarbonate material to ensure there’s no bleed-through onto the wall behind it. This material is also very durable to protect against tearing or damage.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many reasons to incorporate an oversized whiteboard at your workplace.

Are you ready to add a whiteboard calendar to your office?

Check out our wide selection of calendars and dry erase boards to find the one that’s best for you.