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Why a Large Whiteboard is Still a Vital Piece of Office Equipment

Leading companies across industries have one thing in common: great technologies. But the most creative and dynamic ideas don’t start in a CRM system. A large whiteboard could become a revolutionary technology for your business.

What do all great thinkers have in common? They make lots of mistakes. It’s the only way to arrive at solutions that transform the world.

Technology empowers companies to drive key business initiatives. They streamline communication for specific purposes and tasks. But that only works if you’re fully invested and trained in the tasks at hand.

A large whiteboard won’t cost much as a business investment. But don’t underestimate its potential for ideas and collaboration. It’s a springboard for the initiatives your technology will drive in the future.

Your whiteboard turns everyone into a thought leader. Thought leadership is what drives business forward. Whiteboards help you find those ideas in a way expensive technology cannot.

Large Whiteboards and Innovation

A real biotech CEO watched as his employee rearrange a mess of content on their whiteboard. There were some good ideas there, but it wasn’t coming together. The employee drew “an ever-growing set of sub-tasks that would have to be completed.”

When she was done, it hit him. “We are on the cusp of launching a paradigm-shifting technology in the probiotics space.”

With a large whiteboard and some markers, this thought leader transformed the company’s future. The platform remains a dynamic way to spar ideas and discover innovative solutions.

Let’s take a look at companies without whiteboards. Ideas aren’t being shared in real time. Even collaborate technologies are assigned to specific initiatives and tasks.

But a whiteboard alone won’t generate value. You must use it as a strategic piece of your business. Facilitating thought leadership generates business value at minimal cost.

5 Ways a Whiteboard Will Transform Your Business

You’ve invested heavily in systems that amplify outward and internal initiatives. They do their jobs well and keep revenue flowing. They are facilitating functions, but not great ideas.

Consider the following advantages to investing in a large whiteboard. No matter your company’s performance, you need big plans. Those plans will evolve, but here’s where they begin.

1. Brainstorming That Adds Value

Business leaders love the idea of brainstorming. The fundamentals sound great in theory. Assemble a group of smart people to tackle a problem with ideas.

There is a reason this strategy doesn’t yield long-term results. There is no recourse if the ideas never lead the room. Even in individual notes, those ideas soon fade away.

A large whiteboard allows teams to easily track ideas. Even questionable ideas can go up on the board. They’ll be there for anyone to challenge at the next meeting.

The team can tweak or rule out ideas. They can make incremental process without the support of technology. Paradigm shifts can be made with the swipe of a hand.

Your policy must be to capture these ideas. You should nurture the good ones and eliminate the bad. A whiteboard allows you to do this in a visible way.

Later, you’ll arrive at a Eureka moment. It’s time to get that idea into the system. But it never would have existed without the whiteboard.

2. Long-Term Planning

When you’re a growing business, you always think five years in advance. But planning processes and timelines that far ahead isn’t realistic. You need a dynamic way to plot out the future.

Perhaps you’re prioritizing next year’s initiatives. Which should be the focus in Q1? This might change as the present year moves forward.

A large whiteboard allows teams to adjust timelines before they’re set in stone. You can create rough plans for initiatives to take place five years later.

You can track those ideas and change them every day. Store the information any way you choose. But it should all come back to the board.

3. Office Teamsmanship and Morale

You don’t need to revolutionize industries for a whiteboard to be great. Your associates can drive value from whiteboards as well. You can build authentic morale and teamsmanship on a daily basis.

Sales teams like to engage in friendly competition. Some of this is only verbal. It’s far more compelling when it’s tracked on a board.

Companies also like to hand out benefits when they reach certain benchmarks. Keeping track of benchmarks provides a sense that the company is making progress. Visualizing that growth encourages employees to invest themselves more.

Even planning office parties and making quips is better with a whiteboard. It becomes a community centerpiece in otherwise stale office spaces. There are countless benefits to having one on hand.

4. Large Calendars and Strategic Value

Sometimes you need something more specific than a blank whiteboard. Whiteboard calendars have distinct advantages for your teams.

When planning meetings or project benchmarks, they need to be set in stone. But you won’t jump in with that all figured out. You need to visualize those steps before you commit.

Whiteboard calendars are great solutions for pay monthly loans no guarantor teams planning future schedules. They allow teams to change or remove steps in real time leading up to the project. This is helpful when planning complex software integrations.

For example, launching an e-commerce website is executed in phases. If your company does this for a client, you must commit to a certain deadline. How you allocate time and resources will be different every time.

Projects don’t always go as planned. You can easily change plans based on delays in certain areas. You can add new tasks and elements to the project as well.

It’s smart to keep a permanent scheduling solution on hand. But when you need to gather the team and adjust the whole schedule, you need a large calendar.

5. Agile and Affordable

Your company leadership will never question you about your large whiteboard investment. Your whiteboard will never need serious tech support either. There are a lot of opportunities at very little cost.

Plus, your whiteboard can be used for anything. It’s the most agile piece of collaborative technology you own. As a smart investment for your business, it’s a no-brainer.

Big Plans Need Big Planners

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