2016 Calendar Planning

2016 is almost here!

The new year is sure to bring a slew of resolutions, intentions, and of course planning.  At Oversize Calendar we are here to help you and your team, class, or family plan to the best of your ability.

We offer annual dry erase calendars for 2016 as well as monthly, quarterly and semi-annual calendars.  We even have a school calendar that begins in July of 2016 and goes through June of 2017, which is perfect for teachers, band directors, coaches and more.

With a large dry erase calendar it is easy to keep track of practices, meetings, events, trips, and more.   Also, with its large size the whole team can see the entire year at a glance.

You can check out our annual calendar here or even find it at Amazon.com if you are more comfortable purchasing it there.

Our monthly dry erase calendar is perfect for shorter term plans.  Not only is it large and easy to use, but we have left the dates blank.  This means the calendar is completely reusable!  Simply erase at the beginning of a new month and write in the new days for the new month.   We also give you plenty of room at the bottom of the calendar to keep track of notes, goals, projects and more.

Our quarterly calendars will help you keep track of a shorter period of time, but still do it in the BIG oversize calendar way!   We offer all four quarters of 2016.  Currently they are sold as a set of all four quarters at a discount, but shortly we will have them available to you with each individual quarter for sale.

Don’t forget our semi-annual calendars.   the 2016 first half of 2016 is the perfect calendar for a teacher to finish the year!

Be sure to check back at oversizecalendar.com and our financial partner CitrusNorth.com for updates! We are constantly updating our calendar line to help you plan.

You have big plans, meet your big planner!


Offices Use Oversize Calendars

Problems of Team Planning

Office Planning with Oversize Calendars

Office Planning Doesn’t Have to be a desk full of post it notes.

In today’s highly technological world, there are a many different ways to keep track of your schedule: Online calendars, phone apps, custom calendar software, or even your common email program.

All of these can be highly effective options, but they tend to work best for INDIVIDUALS. Sure, many of these programs offer “shared calendars” enabling teams to work together, but this can cause a whole new set of problems for people that should be included in your shared calendar but don’t have the shared software (such as a client or a consultant).

Additionally, let’s be honest, not every person on your teams has the same amount of technological ability.  Keeping up with calendar events may be second nature for one team member and nearly impossible to figure out for another.

Last, what about those people who may not need to be part of the calendar planning and sharing, but could really benefit from knowing what’s scheduled on the calendar?  Executive assistants, receptionists, or lesser team members: wouldn’t they all benefit by being aware of who is out of the office and why? Wouldn’t they benefit by knowing they can’t schedule a vendor to come in next week because the management team will be at an off-site retreat?

An Old School Calendar Solution

Dry erase wall calendars are a great “old school” way of keeping track of your schedules in a single, shared location.

The problem with most wall calendars is that they tend to not be large enough to plan an entire year easily, they are they only cover a single month at a time, and the calendars are not large enough for a team to read at a glance.

In addition, most wall calendars are bulky and expensive. They are produced on a large piece of dry erase board which makes them difficult to move, and if you are buying them online they cost of shipping such a bulky item is prohibitive.

Oversize Dry Erase Calendar

Since you are here at our blog, we imagine you can guess our solution to these problems: Oversize Calendar!

We provide a full line of very large, dry erase wall calendars that are perfect for office planning.

First, the calendars are BIG. Really big.  Most all of our calendars are sized at 36″ x 96″. Our monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual calendars give you plenty of room to plan. Each calendar is large enough that you can write big enough for everyone to read easily.

Second, all of our calendars feature dry erase lamination.  Easily use dry erase markers to schedule, erase, write, change and edit as much as you need.

Obviously dry erase markers come in a wide variety of  be colors making it easy to color code for different events, or color code different people. Really, it is up to you to be as creative in your planning system as you want.

Some of our calendars (our quarterly calendar in particular) even have room off to the side with blank lines so that in addition to writing directly on the date squares you can make other comments or lists such as to do lists, sales goals, and more.

Last, the calendars are beautiful and durable. The design of the calendar is elegant in its simplicity, and they can even be personalized with your organizations logo or photo. They are produced on a thick, 10 mil polycarbonate material that has a grey backing to it so that there is no bleed through from whatever is on the wall behind it. Also, the material is so durable that it is very difficult to tear or damage.

This durable and ROLLABLE material gives you the same durability of traditional dry erase wall board calendars, while also being able to ship easily. Example. if you want to draft regulations regarding merchant cash advances strategies, this is a good way to start!

This makes the net cost of your Oversize Calendar very price competitive.

Be sure to check out our shop to find the oversize calendar that is perfect for you!

Welcome To OversizeCalendar.com


ABI Digital Solutions| Oversize Calendar

Parent company ABI Digital Solutions facility in Conroe, TX

Welcome to OversizeCalendar.com!

We specialize in producing very large, erasable wall calendars.  All of our calendars feature “Dry Erase” lamination so that you can easily write directly onto the calendar with dry erase markers, and then erase and write again as often as you want.

Currently we feature:

We also plan to offer dry erase accessories such as markers, erasers, and cleaning solvent.

Dry Erase Calendars – Planning Made Easy

Oversize Calendars are perfect for offices that want to be able to execute long term planning.  We find many clients use it specifically for keeping track of upcoming tradeshows, travel schedules for executives and sales representatives, as well as scheduled meetings, scheduled marketing campaigns, and general sales planning.

In a scholastic setting the Oversize Calendar is perfect for teachers, coaches, and directors.  In fact, we recognize the need for long term scholastic planning abilities so much that we have created oversize calendars specifically for the school year.   Each one BEGINS in the 2nd half of the calendar year (July through December) and then continues through the first six months of the following year (January through June).   In this way one calendar encompasses the complete school year all in one calendar.  Perfect for keeping track of lesson plans for teachers, practice schedules for coaches, or rehearsal schedules for bands, color guards and more.

Oversize calendars are the answer to your problems and even great at home .  Families love being able to keep track of children’s chores, little league game and practice schedules, birthdays, and much more.   Everyone has fun with the different color markers and of course oversize calendars are a great place to keep track of family “stars” and achievements.

Check back as we begin to offer new products, and as we write blog posts on how to get the most out of your oversize calendar!