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Kids Chore Chart – Dry Erase/Magnetic for Refrigerator (Flowers)


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Kids Chore Chart – Dry Erase and Magnetic for Refrigerator (Flowers) is perfect for families to keep track of chores and tasks.

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Help your family stay on track with our Kids Chore Chart.   The dry erasable chart is 14” wide by 17” high and is made entirely of magnetic material so it will adhere to your refrigerator with ease (unless your refrigerator is stainless steel.  If other magnets do not work this one won’t either).  Our flowers version is perfect for your little girl to keep track of her chores.

A Kids Chore Chart Can Help The Whole Family Organize

Use your chore charts to help your kids keep track of

  • Cleaning Your Room
  • Empty the litter box
  • Mow the yard
  • Do the dishes
  • Vacuum the house
  • Anything you can dream up!

Guaranteed to have your kids say “But MOM!  That’s not FAIR!” within one week of purchase, or at least have them roll their eyes at you when you point out what they have not done on their chart yet.

The entire chore chart is dry erasable and features days of the week for you to track weekly chores.  Reuse the chore chart again and again month after month.  Simply purchase dry erase markers and products to easily write, erase, and write again.

The Kids Chore Chart has a magnet backer on the ENTIRE back of the calendar.   Easily mount to your refrigerator.  Your other kitchen magnets will adhere to this magnet as well, so you can still put up notes and kids drawings, and all the other things that make a family refrigerator look like home.


  • KIDS CHORE CHART – Plenty of room to keep track of weekly chores. Enough for more than one child
  • DRY ERASABLE – patented dry erase lamination fully compatible with dry erase markers and products
  • REUSABLE – Use each week, then erase and start over next week. Very cost effective
  • MAGNETIC ACCOUNTABILITY CHART – entire calendar made of magnetic material to easily adhere to your fridge
  • MULTIPLE DESIGNS – boys, girls, even adult designs available.

For even more planning, consider our Monthly Magnetic Calendar!

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 30 in


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