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Are You Really Taking Advantage of Your Wall Calendar?

Wall calendars are more than just decorative. They can completely change how you view organization.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take full advantage of their wall calendars. They buy a new one each January, flip through it to view all the pictures, and then set it aside.

Even more unfortunate are those who buy incredibly useful oversized wall calendars and don’t utilize them to their full potential.

Oversized wall calendars are the ultimate organizational tool when it comes to planning out your schedule. Trust us: Once you start using one properly, you’ll never want to go back to your kitten calendar.

Let’s review a few ways to make the most out of your purchase.

Plan Your Entire Year at a Glance

With your oversized calendar, you can quickly and easily plan your entire year. It will be completely laid out in front of you.

Doing this will help you visualize your commitments months in advance, and help you plan better to achieve your goals.

By fully dedicating yourself to your yearly plan, you’ll increase your productivity and motivation like never before.

Take careful note of:

  • Travel plans
  • Long-term deadlines
  • Your work schedule
  • Holidays/Known days off
  • Any other yearly events you know will take place

Scheduling is Simpler

When your entire year is spread out before you to examine, it’s easy to make additions without having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

With a quick look at your calendar, you can see if little Jimmy’s preschool play is going to conflict with your big business meeting (or vice-versa). Or you’ll finally be able to find a slot to schedule in that fancy dinner date with your spouse!

Empty calendar dates are just as important as filled ones. Those are the dates that are open to possibilities.

It’s About More Than Work

As you may have guessed from what we said above, your wall calendars can be used for more than just business scheduling.

You can also keep track of birthdays, family events, or hang time with friends.

We suggest using different colors for different types of activities.

Or, if more than one person is utilizing your calendar, have a different color for each person. You can even take a color personality test to see which colored marker would be best for each of you!

It’s More Flexible Than You Might Think

We recommend using dry-erase markers for planning with your calendar. These handy tools are easy to wipe away if a change in plans occurs.

The only drawback is that you’ll have to be careful about smudging the marker with your hand as you add in new entries. However, most of our customers don’t have issues with this.

If you’re really sure of your schedule, a wet-erase marker works well too. It’s slightly more permanent as you can’t easily wipe it away, but it still allows for flexibility.

If you’re sharing your wall calendars with your family or co-workers, you could use a more permanent wet-erase marker and have them use dry-erase markers. That way, your important events will be more difficult to erase, while fickle family members can freely move their schedules around at will.

It Keeps You Honest

Time can seem wibbly-wobbly. It can be difficult to grasp a span of time using your mind alone.

Two weeks can easily seem like two months if you don’t have a calendar to set your straight. In reality, 14 days is hardly any time at all.

Wall calendars keep you honest about your time — and your ability to meet deadlines.

If you have an assignment due in three weeks, but five days out of the 21 are filled with family events, then you’ll know you’ll have to get a hustle on. Or, if the next three weeks of your calendar are blank, you’ll know you have time to schedule another project.

Time is finite and we, as humans, are all allotted the same 365 days in a year. The only reason some people thrive while others fall behind is that they’re more organized with their priorities.

Successful individuals take advantage of the tools available and plan in advance. After all, a goal without a deadline is just wishful thinking.

It Highlights Your Accomplishments

There’s nothing quite like looking at the previous months of a calendar and realizing just how much you’ve gotten done. In our opinion, it’s one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

How many work projects did you get done? How many times did you hit the gym?

Looking back is equally as important as looking forward. It can encourage you by letting you know you’re on the right track — or motivate you to try harder if you aren’t pleased with what you see.

Through this simple visual aid, you’ll have solid proof of all you’ve achieved thus far. And achievements to look forward to in the future.

How to Use Your Wall Calendar

Oversized wall calendars are for “oversized” events. Write down the big stuff.

Small tasks like “do the laundry”, “feed the cat” or how to get letter for emotional support animal should be kept in your pocket planner. Over-cluttering your oversized calendar with tiny everyday tasks will only overwhelm and confuse you.

Appointments, anniversaries, deadlines, important events, and vacation plans belong on your oversized calendar. A reminder to trim your toenails does not.

Think ahead and prioritize what’s really important. Be honest with yourself about what’s “big” enough to be worthy of your calendar space.

Looking for Wall Calendars?

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From laminated paper calendars to dry-erase boards, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

We’ve been around since 1993, and, in those two long decades, we’ve helped literally thousands of customers to plan out their years.

Our favorite product is our durable, laminated, oversize calendar. It’s rollable for easy storage, is reusable, and allows for flexibility with its ability to utilize dry-erase markers.

Whether you’re looking to plan your entire year, your quarter, or one month at a time — we have something that will suit your needs.

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