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Welcome to OversizeCalendar.com!

We specialize in producing very large, erasable wall calendars.  All of our calendars feature “Dry Erase” lamination so that you can easily write directly onto the calendar with dry erase markers, and then erase and write again as often as you want.

Currently we feature:

We also plan to offer dry erase accessories such as markers, erasers, and cleaning solvent.

Dry Erase Calendars – Planning Made Easy

Oversize Calendars are perfect for offices that want to be able to execute long term planning.  We find many clients use it specifically for keeping track of upcoming tradeshows, travel schedules for executives and sales representatives, as well as scheduled meetings, scheduled marketing campaigns, and general sales planning.

In a scholastic setting the Oversize Calendar is perfect for teachers, coaches, and directors.  In fact, we recognize the need for long term scholastic planning abilities so much that we have created oversize calendars specifically for the school year.   Each one BEGINS in the 2nd half of the calendar year (July through December) and then continues through the first six months of the following year (January through June).   In this way one calendar encompasses the complete school year all in one calendar.  Perfect for keeping track of lesson plans for teachers, practice schedules for coaches, or rehearsal schedules for bands, color guards and more.

Oversize calendars are the answer to your problems and even great at home .  Families love being able to keep track of children’s chores, little league game and practice schedules, birthdays, and much more.   Everyone has fun with the different color markers and of course oversize calendars are a great place to keep track of family “stars” and achievements.

Check back as we begin to offer new products, and as we write blog posts on how to get the most out of your oversize calendar!